REDEEMED COMMUNITY IN HCM is a divine mission from vision, from Heaven, for Heaven. A mighty spiritual army of believers in ABBA YAHWEH’'s service proclaiming ABBA YAHWEH as our Supreme and His only begotten BEN[son] YAHSHUA as our Master and MESSIAH.A global ministry carrying forward the mission of our YAHSHUA HAMASHIACH entrusted to Him by our ABBA YAHWEH according to Lukas/Luke 4:18-19.YRCinHCM together with all  spiritual warriors[in faith] of Almighty ABBA YAHWEH’s army  join hands together and welcomes all you beloved brothers and sisters in MESSIAH YAHSHUA  to our ministry.

Dear Ones,
The One True Creator ABBA YAHWEH and His only begotten BEN YAHSHUA The promised MESSIAH loves you and cares for you. You are  precious to the One True Creator ABBA YAHWEH and thus to us. We are dedicated in ABBA YAHWEH’s service and our main aim is to care for your needs through our love,prayers & Teachings which is totally completely based &  depends on the SCRIPTURES, The Word of YAHWEH. We primarily focus our extent to encourage and help all believers to know about the One true Creator ABBA YAHWEH and His Begotten BEN  and OUR Master YAHSHUA HAMASHIACH. To motivate you to come confidently to the One True Creator ABBA YAHWEH who is the PROVIDER OF ALL COMFORT, CONSOLATION and is the FATHER OF MERCIES. Who alone does great wonders. With His loving kindness, tender mercy and mighty power He consoles the brokenhearted, heals even the most aching wounds and gives us firm hope and happiness in the midst of intolerable anguish. We aim to build up and promote Faith & Emet(Truth) [Tehillim - Psalms 119:142] in your personal lives and families through our love,prayers & teachings based on TORAH, Prophets, Writings and the Renewed Covenant which are the Inspired,Infallible and Authoritative Word of YAHWEH. [II Tim. 3:16, I Thes. 2:13, II Peter 1:21] . We are still preparing for YAHSHUA’'s return and we are continually in the process of being purged and purified.