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How do we get FAITH ?


Only hearing the Word of Almighty YAHWEH is sufficient ?
Let us read the correct and perfect answer given by ours Almighty YAHWEH's only begotten Ben[son] & our Master YAHSHUA MESSIAH.

According to YAHSHUA MESSIAH's teaching and statement made in Luke 11:28,"Faith with Obediency" is must for every believer who want to be Bless.Faith and obediency are the two phases of one coin.


Other Servants who were also leaded by the same RUACH HAKODESH of Almighty YAHWEH also had a same view about this "Faith with Workout" doctrine ?
let us read[through these scripture cards] what Yaacob[James] tells us in His epistle:

Even Yaacob warns us[Believers] towards the biggest deception in the context of FAITH,let we read this through scripture card.


As we are the followers of MESSIAH YAHSHUA,Every and each statement passed by Him is important for us,Let us read what he told us in Yochanan/John 8:31-32.

Our MESSIAH YAHSHUA expects the Scriptural harmonized life from us.He expects Workout from His faithfull followers for the glory of  Almighty Abba YAHWEH.

OYisraYAH,Let us read the Scripture mentioned in GilYAhna/Revelation 14:12,It reveals a unique character of  SAINT'S [True Believer of YAHWEH & His Son YAHSHUA MESSIAH.