Thursday, 11 September 2014

"YHWH's Word are the GUIDELINE"

Shalom uv'racha leYisraEL,HalleluYAH,

"TRUTH HURT's".... always to THOSE who are not ready to accept and implement[obey according to faith] theTRUTH,but IF you TRULY LOVE PEOPLE ?TELL THEM the TRUTH in BOTH scenario's "OPPOSITE(disagreement) and FAVOURABLE",through RAW UNCUT PURE and PERFECT SCRIPTURE's in DECENT MANNER.

"For, HE that WOULD LOVE LIFE, And SEE GOOD DAYs, Let him REFRAIN HIS TONGUE from EVIL, And HIS LIPs that they SPEAK NO GUILE",.1 Peter 3:10

Barchot veTefillot(Blessings and Prayers).