Wednesday, 11 July 2012


This is the day which YAHWEH hath made; We will rejoice and be glad in it. 
Tehillim/Psalm 118:24

So,It is the time to Glorify & Toda[Thanks] our supreme,Most High Almighty YAHWEH for not only this day but also for all the work’s He has done for us.

But question arises in the heart’s  of many people amongst you[reader’s],that who is YAHWEH?and why we have to Toda Him?.

YAHWEH’s  name contains and reflect His character of ultimate supremacy.YAHWEH is Hebrew name which mean’s “who brings all things into existence” or “He save’s”.By knowing the meaning of His name plainly or in deeper sense, it is clear that  this name contain’s Salvation[Yoel/Joel 2: 32].According to His precious,ultimate name,Almighty Abba YAHWEH save us[Believer’s,His Elected one’s] by delivering us from our Sin[Transgression of TORAH]  by the precious blood of His only begotten BEN[son] and our KOHEN HAGEDOL[High Priest] YAHSHUA HAMASHIACH,Who was impelled for our sin’s and then ressurected  by the glorious power of Almighty Abba YAHWEH.

Almighty Abba YAHWEH made our EXISTENCE IN His Ruach[Spirit] by separating us from Sin to declare us His Set apart.

All glory to His awesome name,He deserve it and also not giving His glory to others.[YeshaYAH/Isaiah 42:8]. This precious name "Yahweh" is used 6,700 times as the primary name for Almighty in...……….Read More